Empire™ Turf is a tough turf that will grow Australia wide. It is easy to look after and has a relatively fine leaf that makes it soft to the touch. It has excellent wear tolerance and thrives in heat and humidity. It has moderate shade tolerance and can outcompete weeds. It also requires less watering and mowing than other lawn types.

Empire™ Turf can be grown anywhere in Australia and provides beautiful looking lawns. It is a fine leaf turf so it is soft to the touch. It also does moderately well in shady areas.

Empire™ Turf is easy to look after. It competes well with weeds and requires less mowing than any other commercially grown lawn in Australia. In addition, it requires less maintenance than other lawn types so it continues to look good year in and year out. It is resistant to lawn grubs.

Shade Tolerance


Drought Tolerance

Wear Tolerance

Expect to Pay
$12 – $16* / m2


  • Empire® Zoysia’s nickname is EZ grass and is commonly referred to as the “easy grass”.
  • Empire® has been proven to significantly strengthen soil by 48%, improving erosion control of roadsides, steep embankments, batters, stream embankment, retaining walls and foreshores compared to Couch (3.2%) and Kikuyu (9.7%)1.
  • Empire® is one of the most popular Zoysia grasses in Australia due to its low maintenance.
  • Empire® has improved pest and disease resistance and tolerates low to moderate salinity.
  • Empire® has excellent fast initial growth across the ground compared to other Zoysias. Its runners are highly branching, which provides excellent recovery from wear.
  • Quickly becoming known as the tough, hardwearing turf, Empire® can survive on natural rainfall and if left to its own devices, saves on long-term mowing, pesticides, de-thatching and fertilisers.
  • Can endure long periods of non-attention, but when well maintained Empire® Zoysia looks lush and maintains colour year-round, so is suited to a large range of commercial purposes.
  • Empire® meets the Erosion Control Australian Standard No# AS5181: 2017 – Use and installation of turf as an erosion, nutrient and sediment control measure.

Download the full Empire™ Turf Technical Data Sheet