Benefits of Turf - It doesn't just look good!

If you are looking at different options to cover ground in your back yard, there are many benefits to using turf over other options, such as artificial grass, pavers, sandstone or pebbles.

  • Initial outlay per metre is less than most other options, especially if you have a large area to cover.
  • Lush green grass makes your property look more appealing and adds value to your home - just ask a real estate agent.
  • Children and dogs love to play on grass, it's soft, safe and offers a great environment to play outdoors on.
  • Grass absorbs heats and helps to remove dust and pollutants from the air.
  • Turf is non reflective, so there's no glare in full sun.
  • It's pretty much self cleaning and repairs itself. No mould cleaning required with turf.
  • It's relatively easy to care for and if you choose the right turf for your yard, will look great all year round.
  • Healthy lawns absorb carbon dioxide and expel oxygen.
  • Great for erosion control - it is the best plant for binding soil
  • It reduces temperature by absorbing heat, so your garden will be a cooler place
  • Mowed turf grass helps control the spread of seeds, dust pollen and spores which reduces the number of biting and stinging insects in the area.
  • Turf grass absorbs sounds much better than bare ground, gravel or pavements - this can be further enhanced with the placement of trees and shrubs.