• Great Year Round Colour

  • Good Choice for Lawns near the Coast

  • Does Well in Cooler Weather

  • Easy to Look After

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Empire™ Turf can be grown anywhere in Australia and provides beautiful looking lawns. It is a fine leaf turf so it is soft to the touch. It also does moderately well in shady areas.

Empire™ Turf is easy to look after. It competes well with weeds and requires less mowing than any other commercially grown lawn in Australia. In addition, it requires less maintenance than other lawn types so it continues to look good year in and year out. It is resistant to lawn grubs.

Empire™ Turf is one of the most drought tolerant lawns available. It is extremely water efficient and continues to hold it colour in drought. It also does well in cooler weather so it is a good choice for a low maintenance lawn for cooler climate areas.

Empire™ Turf is a hardwearing turf. Once it is well established, it has a dense growth that makes it difficult for weeds to be established. It recovers well from wear. In addition, it has high salt tolerance that makes it an excellent choice for lawns near the coast.

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